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OLD SALT RUM 50CL - Vino Wines


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English Spirit go to great pains to ferment the molasses themselves; which takes either two or three weeks, depending on the temperature. They then take the molasses wash and distil it three times in copper pot stills. Approximately 200 litres of molasses ends up as 20 litres of rum: capturing the heart of the spirit, whilst stripping out the bad stuff. It’s much more fiddly than how rum is commonly made, but entirely worth it. The rum is finished for a few months in English oak barrels. This adds its own flavour notes to the spirit and gives it a lovely golden colour. Unlike most premium rums, English Spirit don’t rely on the barrel to do the essential bit of adding flavour and removing the bad bits of the spirit for them: Dr John’s distilling expertise means that it's right the first time round. A very English way of making rum, all in pursuit of making the best drop possible.

Dark, treacly molasses on the nose, along with juicy raisins. On the palate: a deep yet smooth sip, rammed full of cracked caramel and Christmas cake flavours, with a hint of banoffee pie. All rounded off with a light touch of oak, with gently warming treacle notes lingering long after the sip.