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GINBEY GIN - Vino Wines


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With his expertise as the producer of Lebanon's leading brand of Arak, Faouzi Issa already has many years of distilling experience. For GinBey he uses a mix of 14 botanicals, from the traditional base of juniper and coriander seeds to other ingredients such as citrus, florals and spices which are all sourced from Lebanon. Part of the botanicals are steeped 24 hours before distillation in a 400-litre copper still which is heated by a steam jacket to keep the temperature steady. The more volatile botanicals such as tilia and rose petals, and pomegranate seeds are placed in a basket for a more delicate extraction. The final gin is rested in traditional amphora jars for 6 months, ensuring a remarkable finesse and roundness to its taste.

Lebanon (Bekaa Valley)