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Creag Dhu is an exceptionally smooth, rich, spicy and delicate single malt Scotch whisky, with a warm and long finish. Medium-bodied, with notes of date and walnut cake, spicy caramel and Oloroso sherry. A beautiful note of malt, with toffee apple and a touch of smoke.

Every bottle of Creag Dhu donates money to restoring the peatlands and here’s why:

Preserving the peatlands is one of the most cost-effective ways of protecting against the CO₂ emissions that impact global warming
Peatlands cover just 3% of the earth’s surface
The world’s peatlands store more than twice the carbon of our planet’s forests
Peatlands store 30% of the entire planet’s soil carbon
Peatlands are the UK’s largest carbon store
20% of Scotland is peatland
Over 3 billion tonnes of carbon is contained in the UK’s peatlands
94% of UK peatland has been damaged or destroyed
Peatlands store up to 70kg of carbon per cubic metre
Saving one cubic meter of peatland is the equivalent of
– 637 miles driven in the average car,
– 33,000 mobile phone charges,
– 4 planted trees growing for 10 years

Scotland (Speyside)